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-Capstone Real Estate Group, LLC

Menlo Park,CA

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-Business Mastery Group

El Paso, TX

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- Dale Carnegie Business Group

Ontario, Canada

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– Chris, A.

Melbourne, Australia

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Houston, TX

LifesBridges has been great to work with. I am sure we will work together again!” -Think Productive

Hove, UK

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–Strategic Enterprise Solutions

San Francisco, CA

“After trying several contractor, LifesBridges has been a pleasure to deal with. One of the few who actually questioned my brief and highlighted how they had understood my requests before accepting the brief. This lead to them having a clear understanding of the tasks required to complete. I faced an urgent project, and they pulled out all the stops to help me. I thought the time difference would be problematic (13.5hrs), but didn't. It gave us sufficient time at the start or end of the day to go through any areas which needed further clarification and updates. I have already extended the trial period........twice.”

-Siam Wedding Co.


“I gave LifesBridges a challenging assignment. They did the best job that I could ask for. I would recommend them because they are organized, patient, communicates well, and tried very hard to meet my expectations. ”

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Linden, MI

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“I have used/hired different project contractor (virtual) for about 8 years now across all categories and I have never been as satisfied with the level of insight and expertise that LifesBridges was provided in this job. Thanks.”

- Dan, W.